SKT Ceramics - 2018 Artworks Big Pitch Finalist



SKT Ceramics is a finalist in the 2018 Artworks Big Pitch. The Big Pitch is a entrepreneurial competition that pairs local greater Cincinnati small businesses with 2 business and community mentors. SKT Ceramics is thrilled to have Michael Howard of US Bank and Tarita Preston of The Curated Coach on our team. Michael Howard is helping strategize SKT Ceramics’ next stage of growth. While Tarita Preston, an experienced life and leadership coach, is helping SKT improve communication with their team, their community, and their customers.

Of the finalists, one will win a $15,000 prize at the Big Pitch Night on September 25, 2018 at Memorial Hall in Downtown Cincinnati. Tickets for Pitch Night can be purchased for as little as $10. The audience will vote at the event to help select the winner! We would love to see you there!


If SKT won the $15,000 grand prize, we would put a down payment on a new Blaauw kiln. The Blaauw kiln is a computerized gas kiln that uses $5 worth of gas per firing which would greatly reduce our environmental impact. In addition, the kiln would increase safety for the studio team, reduce the glaze firing and cooling process from 4 days to 24 hours, and enable us to produce more pottery. Gas firing pottery is a dymanic process that can create inconsistencies in glaze color, but this kiln would help us produce consistent pieces every time. The kiln would be an integral part of SKT's new studio space in Walnut Hills. SKT Ceramics and Michael Miritello are currently renovating a historic theater building to create the combined Century Design Workshop.


Century Design Workshop

Susannah Tisue and Michael Miritello stand outside of the future home of SKT Ceramics and Miritello's woodworking studio. This historic theater building is located in Walnut Hills. 

At SKT Ceramics, we are honored to have been selected to participate in the 2018 Big Pitch. We are excited to learn from our mentors and get to know other local Cincinnati business owners. We appreciate the support of our customers, family, and friends as we strive to grow and improve our business. We hope to see you on September 25th for Pitch Night!